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Tuesday, 20th April 2021
APCA Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018 - 19

Welcome to this conference edition of our annual report. We hope that through this year’s many activities, you would be inspired as partners and co-investors in the report’s theme “Towards Universal Health Coverage.” We know that for UHC to become a reality in Africa and globally, an investment in palliative care needs to happen at the governance level.

This has been our institutional focus, despite fiscal challenges this year. We have ventured into new strategic partnerships -- building support for palliative care within the East African Legislative Assembly, engaging with parliamentarians and African ministers of health, and working to mobilise regional bodies towards the implementation of UHC. While we look to the future for strengthened support for palliative care under UHC, we also have kept our pulse on the present, as the needs of patients and their caregivers are imminent. Across Africa, we have supported the training of a health care workforce, essential to the delivery of palliative care services.

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