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“We have our pain ourselves. Sometimes we cry with the patients. By the time a patient comes to the pain unit, they expect something different. We see the patients groaning in pain and sometimes we are helpless. Sometimes it is scary to go near the patients without helping their pain.” Medical Doctor, Mozambique. This pain and suffering can be addressed through good palliative care.

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Your support can make a real difference, ending this avoidable suffering, relieving pain and restoring dignity to those with terminal illnesses. Simply click on the button below, on the next page you will be able to donate securely using your Visa/Master/American Express card or PayPal

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Leave a lasting legacy and continue to make a difference after you are gone. Please email us for more information info@africanpalliativecare.org.

"You matter because you are YOU. You matter up to the last moment of your life. And we will do all that we can to help you to LIVE until you die." Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of modern palliative care.