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Monday, 5th June 2023

Your donations will go to the following causes:

  1. Supporting palliative care education, mentorship and capacity building in Africa
  2. Funding hospices that provide much-needed support, medication, and comfort to those who are suffering from chronic illnesses, and for psychosocial and other support to health workers involved in such responses, e.g., setting up telehealth services
  3. Advocacy for national level interventions in African countries, and prevention and alleviation of financial crises and hunger in households with palliative care patients.
  4. Supporting the Kath Defilippi Fund. This is a legacy of APCA’ s founding board chair, Kath Defilippi, through the South Coast Hospice’s Renewable Energy Project which aims to make facilities and services for seriously ill patients less susceptible to electrical outages, adverse weather events and water supply.
  5. Conducting research to build evidence and improve patient care

You can also opt to leave a lasting legacy and continue to make a difference after you are gone; please email us on info@africanpalliativecare.org.