Palliative Care and
Universal Health Coverage

6th International African Palliative Care Conference
Hosted by African Palliative Care Association and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Rwanda   17-20 September, 2019     Kigali Convention Centre | Rwanda Thank you for participatingin the International African Palliative Care Conference


“Palliative Care And Universal Health Coverage”


Conference tracks will focus on creating an understanding of palliative care within the context of UHC and how this can be achieved within African health care systems. APCA recognises research, monitoring and evaluation as cross cutting issues that will be reflected across all four conference tracks.

The conference will be organised under four main tracks:

Track 1: Palliative Care in Universal Health Coverage (UHC)  

This track will focus on:

  • Essential palliative care package
  • Access to comprehensive palliative care services (including physical, psychosocial and spiritual care)
  • Essential technologies in palliative care
  • Access to controlled medicines
  • Successful models of UHC including palliative care
  • Access to palliative care for children and their families
  • Access to palliative care for the most vulnerable people and those affected by emergencies, refugees and migrants, and marginalized, stigmatized and minority populations
  • Palliative care and pain relief as part of the response to disease outbreaks and emergencies
  • Palliative care for older persons
  • Palliative care for disabled persons
  • Perspectives of patients and families
  • Education as a prerequisite for palliative care inclusion in UHC
  • Sustainability of programmes and services
  • Role of palliative care in health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Measuring patient level outcomes
  • Measuring the unmet palliative care need in Africa
  • Patient level and national level palliative care data
  • Disparities in palliative care
  • Using research to improve services
  • Technology in palliative care and pain control

Track 2: Strategic advocacy for palliative care in UHC

The track will focus strategic and effective advocacy for palliative care as a core component of UHC at all levels of health care systems. This includes patient level, family level, community, service provision level, policy level, education systems level and also engaging non-health sector partners and stakeholders. The track will focus on the following key areas:

  • Including palliative care in the UHC agenda
  • Innovative and successful advocacy initiatives
  • Technology and social media in advocacy
  • Effective narratives and information packaging
  • Identifying and working with allies
  • Patients and families as advocates for palliative care and pain relief
  • Mobilising citizen and community action on palliative care in UHC
  • Effective models of civil society led advocacy
  • Effective models of government led advocacy
  • The media and palliative care advocacy
  • Targeting policy makers and outcomes
  • Documenting and disseminating advocacy interventions
  • Using the human rights approach in advocacy
  • Examples of effective budget advocacy initiatives in health
  • Measuring successful advocacy
  • Advocacy progress and outcomes
  • Using effective and affordable technology
  • Advocacy strategies and tools that have worked
  • Research evidence in successful advocacy and policy change
  • Profiling the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

Track 3: Health financing and palliative care

This track will focus on the following key areas:

  • Financing mechanisms and options
  • Best UHC financing models
  • Engaging key ministries on palliative care and UHC financing including ministries of finance
  • Economic toxicity of life limiting illnesses
  • Dangers of out of pocket funding
  • Costing models
  • Models and approaches to reduce out-of-pocket payment for health services
  • Financing tools
  • Social protection and palliative care
  • National health insurance schemes as UHC vehicles including palliative care
  • Private health insurance schemes and palliative care
  • Mobilising resources to increase access to quality healthcare
  • The role of big data in UHC financing
  • Innovation as a driver of UHC funding

Track 4: Effective partnerships and collaborations in palliative care as a component of UHC

Achieving UHC will all its components requires effective partnerships and collaborative efforts at the global, regional, national and local levels. This track will therefore focus on:

  • Partnerships models and frameworks
  • Innovations in partnerships and collaborations
  • Leveraging resources through partnerships and collaborations
  • Partnerships for research collaborations and partnerships
  • Partnerships in education and training
  • Partnerships across borders
  • Partnerships and stakeholder engagement across sectors - government, non-governmental and private sectors
  • Partnerships across health and medical disciplines
  • International, regional, national and local collaborative initiatives

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