A note of welcome

A warm welcome to the African Palliative Care Association and Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa’s palliative care conference website and an invitation to you all to join us for the conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 17-20 September 2013.

Its theme, The Net Effect: Spanning Diseases, Crossing Borders, reflects our drive to constantly consider the “net effect”, the ultimate impact of our work with patients in Africa. With this in mind, our conference serves as a celebratory opportunity to consider the inclusive nature of palliative care, spanning the disease spectrum – from infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases and the interplay between the two.

We are pleased to host internationally renowned experts in global health and public policy through our plenary sessions and workshops. The conference will represent a unique opportunity not only to meet the world’s leading experts in the field of global health, but also to present cutting-edge innovative research and best practice in palliative care applicable to your work.

We know it is only by “crossing borders” between disciplines, in global sharing of best practice that we can ultimately achieve the aim of making palliative care a human right for all.

Our conference serves as a lynchpin for palliative care provision and development in Africa. Bringing together the continent’s clinical practitioners and national associations; people who make decisions that affect palliative care funding, availability and teaching; supporters and donors from beyond Africa, and technical experts in fields such as advocacy, research, organisational development, humanitarian work, communications and fundraising.

So please join us in Johannesburg this September as we strategically analyse the past to inform the future of palliative care practice in Africa. We truly believe that the conference will generate even greater confidence and motivation among Africa’s palliative care community, and renewed belief that their dedication and hard work will achieve palliative care – the kind of care we’d all want for ourselves and our families – for all those who need it.

We look forward to welcoming you in Johannesburg.

Dr Emmanuel Luyirika
Executive Director, APCA
Conference Co-Chair

Dr Liz Gwyther
Executive Director, HPCA
Conference Co-Chair