Call for Workshops

7th International African Palliative Care Conference

Theme: Palliative Care in a Pandemic

DEADLINE for SUBMISSION is 1st April 2022

Please send your workshop proposal to conference2022@africanpalliativecare.org

The organizing committee for the 7th International African Palliative Care Conference invites interested individuals or organisations to submit a workshop proposal for the conference.

These sessions will be 2 hours and may take one of several formats including, but not limited to:

  • Presentations and audience Q&A
  • Expert discussion and audience Q&A
  • Roundtable discussion with consistent audience participation
  • Other?

Audience participation and interactive content is highly encouraged.

Workshops may be hosted in English, French or Portuguese.

All workshops will be virtual, and we recommend that all speakers join the session live if possible. If necessary, speakers may record their presentation in advance for the moderator or workshop organizer to play during the live session.

Workshop Guidelines:

  • Only one workshop per person may be submitted. All proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee who will make the final selection.
  • Workshops are encouraged to have panels and participation with diverse content (representation of gender, geography, discipline, etc.)
  • All accepted workshops will be assigned time slots and consideration will be given to the time zone of organizers

Workshop Proposal Submissions

  • Person leading the submission: Name, title, email, phone
  • Workshop title
  • Target audience
  • Learning objectives
  • Session Description (150 words)
  • Speaker/facilitator list and short bios (up to 200 words each)

Possible workshop topics might include (but are not limited to):

  • Spirituality
  • Pain
  • Research
  • Advocacy and human rights
  • mHealth and technology
  • Palliative care in humanitarian and emergency settings
  • Survivorship and palliative care
  • Palliative care and rehabilitation
  • Resource mobilization and economics
  • Palliative care development and associated indicators
  • Role of social work in palliative care
  • Storytelling and use of narratives in palliative care
  • Gender based violence in palliative care
  • Gender/social norms in palliative care
  • End of life care (quality of death and dying, grief and bereavement)
  • Education and human resources for palliative care
  • Paediatric palliative care
  • Self-care


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