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Tuesday, 18th February 2020
Volunteer, Access to Essential Medicines and Technologies

To provide technical support to APCA’s partners and stakeholders across Africa in achieving their goals, objectives, plans, and activities towards the availability and access to controlled medicines for pain relief, including the local reconstitution of oral liquid morphine. The job holder will also provide expert pharmaceutical support in relation to other essential palliative care medications and supply chain mechanisms with a view to improving access by patients who need them in the African countries.

Reports to:   Programmes Director
The post holder can either be based at the APCA Secretariat in Kampala, Uganda or work remotely from any part of the world.

Key result areas and responsibilities

  • To create awareness and understanding of essential medicines and technologies in palliative care among key players in the medicines supply chain systems of African countries.
  • To provide technical assistance towards improvement of the availability and access to essential palliative care medicines and technologies in African countries. This technical assistance includes, but not limited to: assessment of country needs, awareness creation, training of key players in the supply chain system, information provision and links with suppliers, ordering processes, production processes, production space assessment, appropriate distribution, selection of appropriate formulations, product  quality,  access  to  raw  materials,  product  distribution and reporting  of consumption, costing, demonstrations and ongoing support and mentorship.
  • To specifically provide technical support for the local production of affordable oral liquid morphine for African countries which have plans to either expand or scale-up their production or those which would like to initiate production.
  • Develop and implement annual work plans and budget for provision of technical support on morphine production and access to other essential palliative care medicines and technologies.
  • Contribute to the mobilisation of resources towards the provision of technical assistance for access to essential palliative care medicines and technologies.
  • Prepare periodic narrative reports for management and for the donors.

Minimum Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, pharmaceutical science or other related discipline. Master’s Degree in a health related field from a recognised institution is added advantage.
Required skills

  • Working in the pharmacy or pharmaceutical science with exposure to essential palliative care medicines and technologies.
  • Clear previous engagements on access to controlled substances/ medicines for use for medical and scientific purposes.
  • Experience of working in Africa in the pharmaceutical field.
  • An understanding of the medicines supply chain systems in African countries
  • Skills to reconstitute powder into medicines especially of oral liquid morphine from morphine powder.
  • An understanding of the international conventions, legislations and policies governing the use of controlled medicines including morphine that are used in palliative care.