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Sunday, 24th September 2023
Grants Management & Partnerships

The African Palliative Care Association (APCA) works with multiple partners across Africa and internationally to realise its vision of ensuring access to palliative care for patients across Africa. While all partnerships are vital, partnerships that support funding are especially essential to APCA at this time. 

In order for APCA to continue to grow and develop palliative care within the continent and to meet its annual operating budget, fundraising and connecting with new donors is a continual priority. 

Value for money

To ensure sustainability, APCA always seeks to use funds in the most efficient way possible. Small inputs working through local partners can ensure that maximum output is recognised for greater impact to improve quality of life for thousands of people. 

Flexibility within the grants working with local partners means that activities are country focused, with ownership held locally, and compliment other areas of work within each country with APCA providing technical and capacity building support for local organisations.

Small grants and bursaries
Although APCA is not a grant giving body, we do however have funding partnerships that are based on financial resources being provided from the partner to APCA. For more information regarding our small grants and bursaries programme please visit the small grants page.

Funding partners can be funding statutory or non-statutory agencies, or organisations that are interested in sub-contracting APCA for a project that they have received funding for.  Generally, the criteria for funding partnerships are that the strategic priorities of APCA and funding partners should be complementary, with as much overlap as possible.