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Saturday, 6th March 2021

Download Nurses' application form-pdf or Word

Download Social Workers' application form-pdf or Word

Deadline: 19th March 2021

Study in: Africa


The African Palliative Care Association (APCA) in partnership with Global Partners in Care (GPIC) in the USA provide a limited number of competitive scholarships each year to nurses and social workers for palliative care training opportunities. APCA and GPIC recognise the important role nurses and social workers play in providing holistic palliative care services. Despite this, the inadequate incorporation of palliative care into the pre-service (undergraduate) training of nurses and social workers, the lack of clear career pathways for those interested in specialising in palliative care and lack of recognition of palliative care qualifications by local ministries of health and education continues to be a challenge. The Palliative Care Education Scholarship Fund for Nurses and Social Workers aims to provide an opportunity for nurses and social workers involved in palliative care provision or those determined to lead the development of such services in their settings to undergo specialist training. Palliative care is a growing area of practice in Africa, and nurses and social workers often feel unprepared to deal with the complex issues it encompasses. Training opportunities through this Fund are expected to enhance skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, methods, and sensitivities needed to work effectively in palliative care with patients, families, health care providers, and the community.

Host Institution(s):

Any recognised institution of higher learning offering palliative care training in Africa. Examples include: Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa/Hospice Africa Uganda, Mildmay Uganda, Nairobi Hospice, Malawi University, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kenya Medical Training and University of Cape Town.

Level/Field of study:

All levels of study in palliative care nursing and social work may be considered for scholarships.

Target group:

Nurses and social workers with a desire to specialise in palliative care.

Scholarship value/duration:

Scholarship amount and duration may vary according to the course of study but shall not exceed $2,000 USD


  • Qualified nurse or social worker with a degree or diploma residing and working in Africa. Other specialties (doctor, clinical officer, etc.) are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Has obtained a place on a diploma palliative care course in an institution in Africa recognised by APCA. You must already have secured acceptance to a program of study to be considered for a scholarship.
  • Currently licensed in nursing or social work, where applicable
  • Able to obtain full support from your place of work to undertake the course
  • Able to serve your institution of work for at least one year after completion of the training
  • Able to legibly complete the application
  • Willing to provide thank you letter, video testimonial, or Zoom interview with GPIC and APCA in support of future fundraising for the scholarship fund.Please note that preference may be given to applicants who are in their final year of study.

Application instructions:

Eligible applicants should complete the relevant scholarship application available online at https://www.africanpalliativecare.org/ and submit to the relevant email:

Nurses Scholarships: nurses.scholarships@africanpalliativecare.org

Social Workers Scholarships: socialwork.scholarships@africanpalliativecare.org.

In order to gain access to the scholarship application system, applicants must have applied for and received admission to any of the Institutions offering the course.

The scholarship application deadline is 19th March 2021.