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Sunday, 24th September 2023
Salim Ngira - Finance and Administration Assistant

Salim joined APCA in 2020 and his role at APCA involves supporting the finance and admin managers in their roles, i.e., from payments and reconciliations in finance department, to procurements and coordination in the administration department.

Salim’s background is in finance. He is currently working on completing his CPA course to become a fully-fledged accountant as it is his major professional goal. His other goal is true economic independence.

Salim values mutual respect and empathy as it allows you to understand others and act accordingly; and also firmly believes that our actions define who we are and where we are going. He is particularly proud to be working with APCA because palliative care not only improves the quality of life of patients and their families, reducing mental and physical distress and discomfort, but it also helps patients live longer and happier lives.