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Monday, 5th June 2023
Dr Emmanuel Luyirika - Executive Director

Dr Luyirika joined APCA as the Executive Director in 2012. He holds a masters bachelor of medicine degree from Makerere University, a masters degree in Family Medicine from the Medical University of Southern Africa, and has conducted research focusing on issues around HIV among school-going teenagers. 

He holds, a postgraduate hours degree and a masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Stellenbosch's School of Public Management and Planning, with his research focusing on the national HIV/AIDS policy of South Africa. He also holds an HIV certificate from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Dr Luyirika started his career as a medical officer in rural Uganda at Kagando Hospital, near the Rwenzori Mountains on the border with the DRC.  He later moved to South Africa, where he worked at the Donald Fraser Hospital in Limpopo Province, after which he trained in Family Medicine at the Medical University of Southern Africa, where he was also appointed lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine.  Apart from practicing medicine in a hospital setting in South Africa, Dr Luyirika worked as a facilitator in the Rural Health Initiative of the South African Academy of Family Practice, where he trained multidisciplinary teams to care for HIV patients and to develop home care strategies and kits as well as community HIV prevention strategies.

Returning to Uganda in 2002, Dr Luyirika accepted the role of overseeing the health care programme run by Mildmay International, as a Clinical Director and after three years he became the overall Centre Director, and after another three years he became Mildmay International's Country Director.  In these roles, he has been actively involved in palliative care development both in Uganda and across Africa.

Dr Luyirika's vision for APCA's work in Africa is to see a strengthened evidence base for advocating for policy development and change for palliative care across the continent.  He also values knowledge and best practice sharing in the region to influence stakeholders to ensure the integration of palliative care into national health sector plans using available resources. He has also authored and co-authored a number of publications related to palliative care and HIV.